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Art is freedom. Art is a path from local to universal. Art is not the point of view, but the emergence of the colors that lie within it. It is the common love of people who set out on this path in collecting with art.

Human beings are a whole with their emotions and spiritual values, and due to their nature, they tend towards art at every stage of life. Artistic productions become the symbol of individuals first and then of society by growing. Artworks are cultural values that prove the existence of a society in the world and symbolize its historical past.

The foundation purpose of AWC Dubai is; To bring Turkish Art and Artists together with art lovers in Middle East based Dubai. To be a bridge for young-Turkish artists on the road to the international arena. With solo and group exhibitions to be held 6 times a year; while you will discover the mystical and authentic aspects of Turkish artists in places, you will witness their place in the world in contemporary and modern art from time to time.

As the AWC Dubai family, we will be delighted to meet and collaborate with international art lovers at DIFC Dubai International Financial Center, which has become the trade center of the world.