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Deniz Sağdıç

Deniz Sağdıç was born in Mersin, Turkey. Her first productions for the art were the stained-glass works that she produced at the glasshouse owned by her family. After she graduated from the high school, she was entitled to study at the Painting Department of the Fine Arts Faculty, and she graduated as the top student of the faculty. After she graduated from the university, she settled in Istanbul, which is the art capital of the entire region, not only of Turkey, and she found her own studio. She was not late to pay the attention of the art authorities by means of her unique plastic style, through which the forms almost became liquid. Her style, which she made ripe at early ages, and which reminds the traditional Marbling Art (Ebru), virtually became her signature within a short period of time. Since the early years of her art, she has become professional at various techniques such as sculpture, printing and engraving, and mostly oil paintings, and also she has produced works in the video and new media fields. For many years, she has developed researches and projects, which problematize the place of women in society. She has received a Master’s Degree in Art by means of her projects and article works with respect to such matter.  She has focused and cooperated with various non-governmental institutions and organizations with respect to the women. She launched her project, which she has called as “Ready-ReMade”, in the period, during which the conceptual and classical discussion of current art hit the top. She has brought together the classical techniques and elements of the art with the current art forms by means of her project; accordingly, she has intended to bring the issue of “concept” in art up for discussion. She has presented the “Ready-Made” objects, which are mostly addressed by the current art, together with the classical painting and techniques, differently from the placements, which we have become accustomed to seeing frequently today. Sağdıç tries to create new intellectual areas to have the new meanings of such objects re-questioned, by bringing together some objects, which have become waste due to the fact that they have lost their function.



“Circular Economy Week of Turkey” French Palace İstanbul 2022

“Texit 22” Musiad İstanbul 2022

“ The Cycle “ Zindankapı Museum Bursa 2022

“  ‘0’ Zero Point” İstanbul Airport İstanbul 2022

“ Ready ReMade” Gallery Işık Teşvikiye İstanbul 2021

“ Sustainable Art ” Expobel 2021 Gaziantep 2021

“ Ready ReMade” Fashion Prime İzmir 2020

“ Ready ReMade” YKK London Showroom Londra 2020

 “ Ready ReMade” Forum Çamlıca Mall Denizli 2020

“ Ready ReMade” Çırağan Palace İstanbul 2019

“ Denim ReMade” Denim Premiere Vision Milano Milano 2019

“ Denim ReMade” Hong Kong Denim Festival Hong Kong 2019

“ Fabric ReMade” Premiere Vision New York New York 2019

“ Someone” Architects’ Association 1927 Ankara 2018

“ Denim ReMade” Premiere Vision London London 2018

“ Denim ReMade” Denim-Days Amsterdam Amsterdam 2018

“ Denim ReMade” Denim-Days New York New York 2018
“ Ready-ReMade” Vis Gallery Istanbul 2016

“ Soul ” Gallery Çankaya Ankara 2016

“ Soul ”  Atatürk Culture, Arts and Conv. Cen. Eskişehir  2015

“ Soul ” Mine Art Gallery Bodrum 2015

“ Soul ”  Güneş Sigorta Art Gallery İstanbul 2014

“ Women & Ownership” Renart Gallery İstanbul 2014

“ Women & Ownership”  İşbank Exhibition Hall İzmir  2013



6th Çanakkale Biennia Çanakkale 2018

6th Thessaloniki Biennial Thessaloniki 2017

Kyoto Art Quake 2015 Kyoto 2015