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Fırat Engin

Fırat Engin (b.1982, Ankara) graduated in 2004 from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture. In 2007, he completed his post-graduate studies with degree in Sculpture as an art major in Hacettepe University Institute of Social Sciences. Within the Erasmus Proficiency in Art Program, he continued his studies at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’art de Bourges in France during the 2008-2009 academic year. He took part in national and international projects and exhibitions in many cities including Istanbul, Genoa, Cairo, New York, Bourges, Alexandria, Mardin and Ankara. The artist held a total of 11 personal exhibition so far, both domestically and abroad. Since 2007, he participated in many national and international applied Sculpture Symposiums. As one of the founders of the Kitschen Contemporary Art Initiative in 2010, Fırat Engin has 2 awards, one of which is the Art Incentive Award given by the Hacettepe University Senate. His works are part of many institutions, organizations, and private collections. Fırat Engin, who completed Hacettepe University Social Sciences Institute Sculpture Department Proficiency in Art program in 2012, received the title of Associate Professor in 2021 and is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Hitit University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Painting Department.



2021 “The Fools and The Kings” - Gallery Siyah Beyaz - Ankara / TR

2017 “How Can We Carry This Load?” - Gallery Siyah Beyaz - Ankara / TR

2016 “Boats Filled with Soul, Water and Dreams!”- Istanbul / TR

2014 “my front, my back, my right, my left” - solo performance as a part of  14. Contemporary Istanbul / TR

2013 “Blackout” - art ON Istanbul - Istanbul / TR

2012 “Crescendo” - Hacettepe University Ahmet Göğüş Art Gallery - Ankara / TR

2011 “The Invasion” - Macart Gallery - Istanbul / TR

2009 “Metaphore” - La Clandestine lieu d’exposition - Bourges / France

2008 Fırat Engin Solo Exhibition, Anatolian Agency Art Gallery - Ankara / TR

2005 Fırat Engin Solo Exhibition, Hacettepe University Gallery Kavram - Ankara / TR



2018. ‘18th Asian Biennial’ – Dhaka / Bangladesh

2015. ‘Mardin Biennial, Mythologies’ – Mardin / TR

2007. ‘1st. International Adana Contemporary Art Biennial, Vibrations’ – Adana / TR

2006. ‘4th. International Marmara University Triennial’ – Istanbul / TR

2006. ‘23rd. International Aliaxandria Biennial’ – Aliaxandria / Egypt



2021. ‘16th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Mina’s Children Project), Istanbul / TR

2021. ‘15th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Gallery Siyah Beyaz), Istanbul / TR

2019. ‘14th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Gallery Siyah Beyaz), Istanbul / TR

2018. ‘13th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Gallery Siyah Beyaz), Istanbul / TR

2017. ‘12th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Gallery Siyah Beyaz), Istanbul / TR

2016. ‘11th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with Design Bay), Istanbul / TR

2015. ‘10th Contemporary Istanbul’, (with KUAD Gallery & Plato Sanat), Istanbul / TR

2015. ‘Beirut Art Fair’ (with CI Editions), Beirut / Lebanon

2014. ‘9th Contemporary Istanbul 2014’, (with art ON Istanbul & CI Editions), Istanbul / TR

2013. ‘8th Contemporary Istanbul 2013’, (with art ON Istanbul), Istanbul / TR

2012. ‘7th Contemporary Istanbul 2012’, (with art ON Istanbul), Istanbul / TR

2011. ‘Art Beat, (with Mac Art Gallery), Istanbul / TR

2007. ‘ART-IST 2007’ (with Hacettepe University) – Istanbul / TR

2006. ‘ART-IST 2006’ (with Hacettepe University) – Istanbul / TR