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Kadir Akyol

He studıed Fine Art in Mersin University (2004-2008) and completed a postgraduate Masters in Ankara Gazi University wıth the thesıs “Hybrid Approaches in Contemporary Art” (2011).

In 2011, he started his second post graduate degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Unıversıty of Sevilla, Spain. He continues pursuıng his thesis entıtled “Hacker Art”.

In 2013, he won the competition “Rh+ Art Magazine the Young Artist of the Year”.  In addition to this, he has been awarded many other prices.

İn 2018, He started its education in Proficiency (doctorate) in Duzce University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Department of Painting.

He has 14 personal exhibitions and has partıcıpated in more than 200 national and international biennials, triennials, symposia, project exhibitions and auctions workıng wıth in painting, installation, video and performance. His works have been exhıbıted in a number of countries, ıncludıng Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Kosovo, Tanzania, USA, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro.

Crıtıcal appraısal: Emre ZEYTİNOĞLU: On The Works Of Kadir Akyol, Sevil DOLMACI: Icons And Pop Art / “New Portraits / New Faces, Kaya ÖZSEZGİN: A Portrait Interpreter, Selman AKIN: The Lost Kurd of Kadir Akyol Painting, Derya YILMAZ: As Image, Orçun ÇADIRCI: On Artistic Expression in Kadir Akyol, Celâl SOYCAN: Kadir Akyol Literary writings about valuable works such as “The Truth of Imagination”, Lütfiye BOZDAĞ: Image as a Phenomenon.


2022 – “Beyond Borders”, Miart Gallery London, London, ENGLAND

2022 - “Ceexistence” Tabularasa transnational art, AKM Gallery / TURKEY

2021 – “Context Art Miami”, Gallery Gama, Miami, USA

2021 - “volume I”, Gallery Aura Art Hub, Istanbul / TURKEY

2021 - “İAAF”, Gallery Gama, Istanbul / TURKEY

2021 - “BAAF” Gallery Gama, Bodrum / TURKEY

2021 - “Contemporary Istanbul” Gallery Diani, Istanbul / TURKEY

2021 - “Art Contact Istanbul” Tabularasa transnational art, Istanbul / TURKEY

2020 – (solo Exh) “İAAF”, Istanbul / TURKEY

2019-  Artexpo Newyork, H&M Art Gallery, Newyork, USA

2017- Los Art / Artforum Gallery Symi / South Aegean Symi / GREECE

2017 “Color and Young” Curator: Bester GÜRSU, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara / TURKEY

2017 - III. Contemporary Art Fair Artankara, Curator: Sevil Dolmacı, Ankara / TURKEY

2016- Imago Mundi, Pratt Institute New York / USA - Venice Biennial showcasing 38, Venice –lTALY

2016 - “International Contemporary Artists 2016” Skoufa Gallery Mykonos, Athens /GREEK

2016–“Beyond the Time”, Curator:Beste GÜRSU, National Museum of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

2016 -  Art Base Project, Sevil Dolmacı Art Gallery, İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

2015 -. Pasajes San Pedro, Curator: Ricardo Iriarte Amilibi, Oia Villa for Sukru Karakus / San Sebastian, SPAIN
2015 - “Art01 Contemporary Art Encounters” HiltonSA, Adana / TURKEY

2015 - “Contemporary Istanbul 2015” MİZ Gallery, Istanbul / TURKEY

2015 -  Peak Art Project Artist 2015 24th International Istanbul Art Fair / Istanbul / TURKEY

2015 -  ‘Color and Young “Curator: Bester GÜRSU t.c.saraybosn Embassy in Sarajevo / BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA

2015 - “Non Stop Europe”, Curator: Bester GÜRSU Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Rome / ITALY

2015 - “Ismael Isaac?”, By Peter Greenaway & Saskia Boddeke, Jüdisches Museum, Berlin / GERMANY