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Laurence JENK

Laurence JENK is born on December 31, 1965. She lives and works

in Vallauris in the Alpes-Maritimes, France. She has been creating medium-defying sculptures since the 1990’s. Implementing her signature  “wrapping twist technique,” Jenkell is known for her vibrant- ly colored

“wrapped” Candy sculptures. She creates larger than life candyshaped sculptures in bright colors and varying sizes, completed in materials including bronze, plexiglass, aluminum, marble and authentic Murano glass.

More than a medium, the candy interpreted by Laurence JENK has become a language. Her works join in a thought and cultural process: the subject of the Candy allying simplicity and universality. The great

freedom and the no less great determination with which Laurence JENK conducts her research, develops her themes and enriches her repertoire of forms, forces admiration and reveals an authentic artist’s

temperament. Candy remains the core of her creative identity but she cleverly explores all its possibilities.

In only a decade her Candies and their more or less direct versions, the iconic ‘Wrappings’, ADN’s, Robots, Butterflies, have had an international success. Since she has been extending her ‘wrapping’

and the idea of twist with other materials and forms such as the ‘Wrapping Fridge’ and the ‘Jelly Wrap’. Though the candy remains her favourite subject, her latest wrappings twists creations refl ect on impending

environmental issues like the exhaustion of the coffee growing lands, the proliferation of non-biodegradable disposable products and the poaching of endangered animals.

Laurence JENK ‘s work is present in more than 25 countries.

She is runs by numerous galleries and she is part of important private, public and institutional collections


Les Thermes de Monte-Carlo, Monaco,

Principauté de Monaco

CMB, Monaco, Principauté de Monaco

Plage Keller, Antibes, France

Plage La Môme, Cannes, France

Kenta Arts, Genève, Suisse

Showroom IQOS, Monaco, Principauté de Monaco
Pop Up Gallery, Monaco avec la galerie Espace 22

McLaren x JENK, McLaren Monaco, lancement de

la nouvelle Artura, Principauté de Monaco

Château Cremat, Nice, France

Croix-Rouge monégasque, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Senseï Festival, Cannes, France

Résidence Les Cigognes, Monaco, Principauté de Monaco

Le jardin de la Petite Afrique, Monaco,

Principauté de Monaco

6° Este Arte Art Fair, Uruguay avec la galerie Boccara Fine Art

Zonamaco, Mexique avec la galerie Boccara Art

Galerie Pop Up, Suisse, Carouge Genève

Dolce Vita, Russie, Musée Erarta, Saint-Pétersbourg

Les Femmes et la violence, France, Fondation des Femmes, Paris

Octobre rose : l’Art au service des Hôpitaux, France, Hôpitaux

Universitaires de Marseille AP-HM, Marseille