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Leyla Emadi

I was born in Ankara in 1977, originally from Iran. In the years when both countries experienced the most politically and ideologically mixed eras…

On one hand, the obligatory returns that the regime change brought to my life – or perhaps the disadvantages – on the other hand, the years of military coups and oppression…A state of confusion and unending chaos that will last for years in both environments…Being exposed to pressure and disagreements in the middle of these two countries, which went through more or less the same type of eras, formed the basis of my art. On the other hand, the richness that having dual nationality brought and the search for identity that sometimes feeds into the soul, have shown themselves in my productions frequently.

In my works; I have tried to reveal the gender inequality, the phenomenon of (in) justice, ideological and stereotyped mindsets that underlie our social wounds through different mediums.

I have blended my productions, which I have based on the concept of trauma, with concrete and typography in recent years, and have approached both our social and individual sensitivities. Since we reveal ourselves, our stance, our view on life, and our communication with the person in front of us, thanks to ‘language’; words, sayings and expressions are important building blocks that make us who we are. Therefore; combining the overwhelming dominance of language with typography and concrete, which is a hard material, has led me to present the message I want to convey in a direct and powerful way.


2021 Tide - Mixer

2017  Open Wounds - Buyukdere35, Curator: Marcus Graf

2011  Abluka – Alan Istanbul


2022 Not Behind The Scenes – Art Weeks Akaretler – Vision Art Platform No:35

2022  Lines Of Site -Europian Union Project – Dundee, United Kingdom

2022 With Love – Ekav Foundation - Istanbul

2022 Lorem Ipsum – Odea Bank – Akaretler No:11 - Istanbul

2022 Traces of Engraving – European Union Project of Aşıklı Höyük– Kethuda Turkish Bath – Istanbul

2021 Art Sunday / Foundation of Society Volunteers– PG Art Gallery - Istanbul

2021 Face-off – Cer Modern Museum – Curator: Marcus Graf - Ankara

2021 Catchies – Curator: Ezgi Bakçay – Municipality of Nilüfer, Bursa

2021 Now- Istanbul Gallery Week – Mixer - Istanbul

2021 Contemporary Istanbul – Vision Art Platform – Booth A2-206

2021 Intervention – The Artisan Hotel - Istanbul

2021 Confrontation – Museum of Pera -  Curator: Marcus Graf - Istanbul

2021 Crew – Art Weeks Akaretler – Vision Art Platform No: 35 - Istanbul

2021  Art Weeks Akaretler – Mixer – No: 37-39 -Istanbul

2021  Collective Memory/Children of Mina Project- Curator: Ayça Okay - Bodrum

2021 Contemporary Istanbul – Vision art Platform -Booth A1-404 - Istanbul         

2020 Contemporary Istanbul  Virtual – Vision Art Platform

2020 Step Istanbul – Taksim 360 – Vision Art Platform

2020 Does a Man Surrender – Cultural Center of Nazım Hikmet– Kadıköy -Istanbul

2020  Elements – Globe Art Project –Akfen Bodrum LOFT - Bodrum

2020 Each Probable Dream – Vision Art Platform – Duo/Rafet Arslan- Istanbul