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Seydi Murat Koç

He was born in Aksehir, in 1981. He received his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts Department at Marmara University, in 2002.  He received his MA degree at the same university in 2006. He goes ahead with his academic career as a lecturer at Dogus University.

He has 18 solo exhibitions and participate over 200 national and international group exhibitions. He received 18 awards including “2005 Young Painter of the Year”, 70th Government Painting and Sculpture Contest excellence award.

He works at his private workshop in Moda-İstanbul.

“The components creating the background in Seydi Murat Koç’s works contain architectural constructs redesigned as being imbricated or spliced with each other, and urban silhouettes that depart from the whole with an eclectic projection. In this respect, this newly built architectural order of the artist holds on to a surreal reality, and coincides with the idea of simulation.

Every steel construction rises above the bare earth, whether it has a function within the public sphere, or it is merely the living space of individuals, it coincides with the physical reality of the utopia, because of the mass it takes up in the universe. What needs to be investigated here is that, whether the designs taking place in the urban silhouette are reflections of reality, or spectacles that obfuscate a non-existent reality.”


 -2006,  28 March–28 April, Odakule Art Gallery, Taksim- İstanbul

-2007, “Confrontation”16 February-12 March, Nazım Hikmet Vakfı Art Gallery, Taksim – İstanbul

-2007, “Confrontation” 08 June -23 June, Galeri SOYUT, Çankaya- Ankara

-2008, “317 KD” 24 January - 16 February, Şişli Terakki Vakfı Art Gallery, Levent-İstanbul

-2008, “317 KD” 14 Mart- 9 Nisan, İDEA Art Gallery, Konya

-2008, “Between” 24 April - 26 May, Eskonsept, Fulya-İstanbul

-2009, “To Leap” 15 January- 4 February, Eskonsept, Fulya-İstanbul

-2009, “ To Leap” 06-25 February, Gallery SOYUT, Çankaya- Ankara

-2009, “Leaps and beyond” 15 September -10 December, G-Art – İstanbul

-2009, “Leaps and beyond” Ankara Art Fair, Gallery Soyut – Ankara

-2009, “Leaps and beyond”- Antalya, Art Park Gallery- Antalya

-2010, “HADİS” 10-22 December, Gallery SOYUT, Çankaya- Ankara

-2011, “Tangent” 12January- 12 February, Galeri IHLAMOUR- İstanbul

-2012, “VERTİGO” 2th October – 2th November, Çağla abaoğlu Gallery – İstanbul

-2016, “VERTIGO and GRAVITY” –  4th March- 4June - Gallery KHAS – İstanbul

-2017, “DAR ALAN / DAN” – 01 – 31 Ekim 2017 – Galeri Kambur – Arnavutkoy – İstanbul

-2018, “İÇ ZAMAN” – 03 Mart – 07 Nisan 2018 – Ddesign Gallery – Maslak – İstanbul

-2019, “YERDEN YÜKSEK” 12 Nisan – 12 Mayıs Nilüfer Belediyesi Nazım Hikmet Kültür Evi - Bursa

-2019, “İNSANLAR ALEMİ” – 11- 15 Eylül – Ferda Art Platform - Contemporary İstanbul - İstanbul



-2002, V.International Student Art Bienal (SIAB), Macedonia

-2002, European Cities  International Exlibris exhibition, Romania

-2003, V. International watercolur Bienal, Mexico

-2003, Gliwice “Man and Fish” International  Exlibris Exhibition, Croatia

-2005, Gramen Mikrogredi International Art Bienali, Turkey &İtalya

-2006, IV. International Student Trianel, Marmara Univercity, İstanbul

-2008, I. International Artprint Bienal, İstanbul