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Cem Sağbil

Cem Sagbil was born in 1958 Zonguldak, on the Black Sea coast. He studied interior decoration and industrial design at the.

Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul. At Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts, Germany he studied ceramics and sculpture under Prof. G.

Spanulo. Here, he also attended courses in architecture.

The artist opened his first studio on Kernerstrasse in Stuttgart, in 1982. In addition to çini -Turkish glazed porcelain- and oil painting; and works in wood, ceramic, metal and other materials, Sagbil concentrates mainly on bronze sculpture.

In 1999 he established a foundry for bronze art works called “Bronzhane” in Izmir. In 2007, he was chosen “Artist of the Year” by the Arts Foundation. In his long carrier of 40 years, Sagbil has done numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions locally and internationally.

The artist continues to live and work between Istanbul and Izmir.