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Hamid Tolouei Fard

Hamid Tolouei Fard was born in Tehran and in a family of musicians and visual artists, he started calligraphy at an early age of 10. He studied Graphic Design at university, which helped him in his passion for calligraphy. He is a young painter and professional calligrapher, whose creative forms and application of material techniques in his signature, creating artworks through inspiration, is appreciated by audience throughout the world. From the age of nine, he received training on nestalik, kufi and khatham techniques from famous calligraphers and completed his education by graduating from the Department of Graphic Design at Tehran University. He taught at the same university and at different schools. The artist, whose works have been exhibited in many local and foreign museums, opened nearly one hundred mixed and thirteen solo exhibitions in many countries.

The artist, who started to live in Istanbul in 2016, continues his works in his orkshop in Kadıköy.

Hamid’s creative artworks are usually created at the moment without previous sketches. His use of the Persian word ‘Hoo’ meaning good thoughts in the old Avesta collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, is evident in over 350 of his works, in different forms. He makes use of lithography processes and printing on lithographic stone in his recent pieces. He has had 13 individual exhibitions in Iran, Turkey, USA and Dubai, and over 50 group exhibitions in Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, etc.