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Oğuz Yalım

1993 Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Since 1996 he continues his Professional life in ARTFUL Interior Architecture and Product Design firm which is owned by him and his partner and wife Ece Yalım.

Beginning from 2017 he teaches part time at Baskent University Department of Interior Architecture and from 2021 at TED University Department of Interior Architecture.

Again beginning from 2017 he is focused on Painting works which he continues to do correspondingly with his Professional life. All of his experience accumulated for 25 years are in accordance with his observation and hobbies, he continues to work on different topics.


2022        Kale Design and Art Center – “Vanishing Point” İSTANBUL

2022        Deppo29 – “My Route” ANKARA  2021          Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery – “Construction Site Views” ANKARA  2021        Summart – “Flaneur” İSTANBUL

2020        Çankaya Municipality Z ülfü Livaneli Cultural Center –

“ Somewhere in Depths” ANKARA

2020        GOBA Art &Design – “Big-Headeds” İSTANBUL

2019        Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center

“Big-Headeds & Empirical Works 2” ANKARA

2019        TSMD Architectural Center – “Empirical Works” ANKARA

2019        Başkent University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture – ANKARA


2019        Nisart Gallery – “Imagination” İSTANBUL

2019        Goba Art & Design – “Architect / Art” İSTANBUL