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“CATARINA” Solo Exhibition Miguel Rodrigues


The sculptor MIGUEL RODRIGUES exhibits CATARINA, an exhibition of newsculptures, inspired by the stucco works of the 18th century Italian artist João Grossi. With this new collection, Miguel honors his passion for Baroque, cultivated from a young age in his birthplace Coimbra, Portugal. The centuries of white stucco and the beauty of gilded carvings inspires Miguel Rodrigues to create his own “Hyperbaroque” universe creating a modern intake that can be seen in the sculptures of the Catarina exhibition.

Anne-Floor Bouma Çeliktopuz


“ With Catarina, Miguel takes the viewer into a world of refined Baroque splendour, allowing all to transcend reality “

Patricia Millns



AWC Galery Event
06 FEBRUARY 2023

Opening Programme: 06 FEBRUARY 2023

Group exhibition in occasion of our first year anniversary.

We are honoured to share with you our latest exhibition: “Celebration with friends”.

This group exhibition is showing the works of Turkish artists together with well established artists from the UAE to celebrate the one year anniversary of AWC Dubai Gallery.

Ebru Döşekçi
Hamid Tolouei Fard
Jake Singer
Jassim Al Awadhi
Khalid Al Banna
Khalil Abdulwahid
Miguel Rodrigues
Oğuz Yalım

Under The Gate Building.

Bilal Hakan Karakaya
Cem Sağbil
Emre Yusufi
Günnur Özsoy
Lorenzo Quinn
Mert Ege Köse
Miguel Rodrigues
Server Demirtaş


Dubai Calligraphy Biennale


2 days to go for the 'Dubai Calligraphy Biennale'! A collection of compelling calligraphy exhibitions awaits you in 3 diverse locations across our Emirate. View 'Classical Calligraphy Exhibition' at The Cultural and Scientific Association, connecting letters using various classical Arabic scripts; 'Unwritten, Unspoken & Told' at The Foundry, examining the human relationship with language; and 'Calligraphy Redefined: A Perspective in Play' at AWC Dubai, exploring calligraphy’s versatility and the interplay of words and motion. Discover these exhibitions during #DCB23!

The Cultural and Scientific Association, Al Mamzar

1 - 31 October 2023

Miguel Rodrigues Solo Exhibiton


Under the Patronage of His Excellency Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa The Chairman of the National Council for Arts

Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities is pleased to invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition Miguel Rodrigues A Portuguese Sculptor

In collaboration with Bahrain Gallery

February 1st, 2023 on Wednesday, at 7:00 pm
At the Art Centre
Exhibition continues until February 18th, 2023

“Together in different ways”


All types of arts are brothers, all progress in the light of the other. But what is the expression of art?

Art is considered to be good for us in many different ways. It makes us feel good and calms us down. Art is the evolved state of the bitter or sweet feelings of each period. It is a part of our
nature and identity from past to present.

Does it represent the reality we see?
Or is it just a reflection, an expression of our own perception?

In our group exhibition “ “Together in different ways”, created by Turkish and foreign artists that came together; is a specific story but with different techniques and styles that support each other. 

Grand Opening / 20.04.2022 / 21.00-23.00

Jake Michael Singer is Now at Gate Village DIFC / AWC X MUSE


Twoism stands above a well, beneath the stars (Hollows shaped in ancient mortar of the echoing dome) It’s a single body. No, its two bodies. No, it’s a single body of two. A single body of many. Lao Tzu says and I keep repeating One gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to the Myriad things all under heaven. Its both one and two or two at once. Hermes in marine-grade gesture. A herald in helix-like whirl forms an absence. In the body’s dead centre In the exercise of imagining the left without the right. The desire for both leaves me naked Because my body has two arms”

Date: Thur, 24 March - Fri 25 March 2022
Time: 6 pm - 10 pm
Location: Gate Village, DIFC

Sand Flower

Solo Exhibiton Ahmet Güneştekin


The feeling that made Ahmet Güneştekin to initiate his search, wavy images creating a string of changing forms and colors of the desert. It all influences the artist’s way of thinking and working. 

An unsettling sense of eternity. It’s a colorful apparition unexpectedly emerging from a wavy but relatively plain color scheme of the desert. Who knows, maybe it’s a mirage entering our field of vision. For the artist it is an instant explosion of colors…    

What will you see?

This exhibition appeared in Güneştekin’s mind as a desire to create an oasis using colors and shapes. Desert roses derive their beauty from numerous petals growing in different directions and reflecting light. The uniqueness of these flowers born from the sand is unarguable.  

Ahmet Güneştekin tells us that the exhibition named ‘Sand Flower’ originated from his musings on how this rose just appears in a desert and will always continue appearing, flaunting its shape and colors.    

The flower embodies the power of nature to create life. 

All arts are interconnected, they all grow under each other’s light. AWC family feels honored to  present Turkish art to art-lovers in the heart of Middle East - Dubai.  

Join us on our journey into the world of arts, visit our first exhibition - ‘Sand Flower’ by Ahmet Güneştekin - in the AWC Gallery that will open its doors on 18/12/2021. We kindly invite all admirers of art for the opening.

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