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A Lifetime in a Day


Oil on Canvas

100x100 cm

The painting invites us to witness the emergence of an exquisite butterfly. The butterfly stays in the betwixt and between the chrysalis stage of transitions for just a little too long before it will be able to open herself to the new life that wants to take wing. We are in awe of the mystery of the transformation that has taken place within that now empty chrysalis, that little cocoon, and are thrilled by the beauty of this winged creature. The ancient Greeks associated the butterfly with the mind and soul. Psyche means both “soul” and “butterfly” and this linguistic link refers to the soul’s or psyche’s need for concealment and hiding during the transformation process. When the caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis, it offers the butterfly a haven. The butterfly’s symbolic connection to the psyche reminds us of the need for sacred space during times of transformation. It tells us that entering the chrysalis might be accompanied by feelings of inwardness, introversion, and a desire to retreat from regular, everyday activities. The painting speaks about one of the powerful mythic motifs in human life that is the pattern of ending and renewal.