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200 x 150 x 1500 cm

This sculpture of Köse consists of the repetition of unit elements as usual. This sculpture has a sense of scale that approaches architecture beyond the usual dimensions.

The reason for choosing this scale is to create a perception of transition from one place to another within wide spaces.

The general expression in Köse's sculptures is that each unit represents the actions taken and the form that emerges as a result of the actions taken creates itself.

The metaphor of the door is the expression of the actions taken and passing people through many doors throughout their lives and constantly putting them into other places.

The bright sphere form on the top of the sculpture, which seems to have been thrown from the ground to the highest arc point; It describes the perfect thought in the mind at the moment of decisions and actions. The higher the thoughts in our minds, the wider our door, the longer our path.

So this is Gate to The Future...