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430 x 120 x 120 cm
Aluminum Casted

In the artist's sculpture 'Diyar', which he made with recycled aluminum material, the figure that identifies with the artist's self and remains tiny under the rising and expanding mass on his head, also expresses the uneasiness caused by the constant restructuring of the city, which gradually loses its texture and memory. The work, which deals with the increasing isolation, oppression and compression of the individual by postmodern urban life, on the one hand, and the effect of the image of the city, which is constantly established and re-distributed, on the space-society relationship, on the memory, directs the viewer to different readings in the context of urban sociology.

What does the concept of the city mean to us today? These days when it is getting harder and harder to live them as a city! Perhaps we are approaching the crisis point of urban life and invisible cities are a dream born from the heart of cities that have become uninhabitable. There is talk of the destruction of the natural environment as much as the attraction of large technological systems that can cause chain damage by blocking entire metropolises. The crisis experienced by very large cities is the other side of the crisis experienced by nature. 'Today's biggest problem is global climate change. The biggest trigger for this is the big cities that we believe offer us safe living spaces'. This sentence by Italio Calvino is what triggers me again in my work.