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Yellow is Mine

Form A Size: 130 x 66 cm
Form B Size: 116 x 51 cm 
Form C Size: 103 x 49 cm 
Form D Size: 77 x 32 cm 
Base Size: 60 x 60 cm 

Günnur Özsoy's art practice is based on her understanding of abstract and organic form. Özsoy's sculptural installation – I AM YELLOW - specially designed and made for Dubai is like a part of nature. With their glowing yellow colors, they point to Günnur Özsoy herself. While their fluid forms allow for all kinds of different constructions, they become part of the lives of the viewers.

What Günnur Özsoy uses to make is color, vibration. What does a smooth surface that reflects light do with the vibration it emits? It charges the one who touches it.

The forms can say many different things, sometimes a body protrusion, sometimes a silhouette, sometimes a pebble, all of these are not always comprehensible to the beholder, they create the 'thing' that the forms tell with their dreams, memories and thoughts. Since it does not contain a single thing, it can contain all possible things.