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Horse Size: 64 cm height x 85 cm ( Nose totail)
Base Size: 105 cm height x 70 x 54 cm


In previous years, I have worked with a horse, where it was a life-size study of an albino horse. The horse was making small movements, looking back at the viewer with soft movements. In fact, more than the horse, its loneliness, desolation and the existence of people.

I wanted to question its meaning. Recently, the video where I watched two Arabian horses playing with each other gave me great inspiration to do this work on them. While these Arabian horses, who are in love with each other, are actually playing with their human-like movements, they tell us how much we need each other and that our existence should feel love for other beings.

We came into life somehow alone, we want to know what our meaning is. That's why we constantly feel the need to define it, deep inside. Sometimes we try to understand ourselves in other ways, sometimes by sculpting. I tried to explain a human resemblance in the games of Arabian horses. We are temporary, we need to create in a way that makes our existence on this Earth meaningful. Arabian horses were interpreted based on these feelings.